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Contact MEGlobal

Thank you for your interest in MEGlobal’s products and customer support services. Our staff of professionals can help you obtain fast, accurate responses to your inquiries.

For customer service inquiries, click here.

Product, Application and Technical Information

You may access technical support professionals through MEGlobal.

MEGlobal can provide you with:
  • Product data
  • Literature
  • Sales specifications
  • Safety data sheets
MEGlobal can assist you with:
  • Material selection
  • Competitive grade equivalents
  • Product application
  • Agency compliance
  • Samples for product qualification

In North and South America, contact:
MEGlobal Customer Service

In Europe, contact:
Lara Senn

In Asia, contact:
Angel Leung

In the Middle East, India, and Pakistan, contact:
Oxana Appel

For all other inquries, please fill out the form below.

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